Thursday, May 07, 2009

Big Weekend Coming

Hum a chorus of "Lean on Me." That's what I did today with sweet shareholder Laurie. She came over and I worked her like crazy because my energy wasn't nearly as high as the humidity, and the chore list was long. We checked off some critical to-do's and moved closer toward fiber harvest fruition. Jobs needed doing both inside the Red Barn and outside in the field. The soggy, squishy field. Muddy boot-sucking fun for everyone. Aren't icky jobs so much more bearable with a buddy? Love ya, Laurie - thank you.

Tomorrow I'll be moving fast and checking things off the list - feed store, Home Depot for new tarps, Lunch Lady duty at school, putting the donkeys on their new owner's trailer and waving goodbye (sniff), selling some eggs, borrowing a dog crate for picking up the new lambs on Saturday, and getting Em to a youth group event. Whew.

Then Saturday it's a road trip down to Bedias to meet with Kim again and take our three boy lambs home. I might have a couple shareholders with me, depending on their schedules. That will be some girly-road-trippy goodness. And adolescent sheep. How do you improve on that?

Cannot wait to see our new lamby boys. Prayin' for clear skies!

(Pictured: A very nice sheep I met in Maryland)


  1. ...Ya just call, on me sister, when you need a hand, we all need somebody.....I came home so jazzed, I couldn't sit still, so I skirted wool and started washing! I told Tommy that the 2 languages I know don't have the words to describe the sense of well-being and satisfaction that farm work gives me, so he'll just have to wonder... and so will all those other poor, poor city-folk. I had a blast, especially in the mud with your fancy, tall, mud-proof boots, and when I can move all my muscles, I'll be back! Thank you for sharing the fun, Cindy!

  2. busy day busy day busy busy busy day!!! have fun and watch your speed.